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Powerful build Oro's Flicker Strike Raider in POE, get more POE Currency
Добавил: jacksoner 19 мая 2023 05:42

Oro's Flicker Strike Raider is an idea that allows you to deal powerful fire damage with your weapons. This idea is based on Oro's sacrifice and ability Flicker Strike. If you want to repeat the damage, you need to rely on Flicker Strike to teleport .

This build allows an otherwise inflexible but strong tank character to jump around the map quickly and use a powerful ability to quickly deal area damage to enemies. Flicker Strike makes Oro's Sacrifice even more powerful, allowing the two to combine into A strong build.

The beauty of builds is that you can combine arbitrary powers together, potentially resulting in a build with a stronger power. This is how you can get stronger without spending POE Currency Buy.

Of course, you can also Buy POE Currency on poecurrency to become stronger. This is a very professional website. There are a lot of POE strategies on it to help you become stronger. It also sells a lot of cheap POE Currency. I hope it can help you help.

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