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OtaraPack | Eco Friendly Molded Pulp Packaging Box For Tea
Добавил: marcoasolis 19 июня 2024 12:26

This page from OtaraPack showcases their Eco Friendly Molded Pulp Packaging Box for Tea. Made from environmentally-friendly pulp molding materials, this packaging is both robust and eco-friendly by reducing waste.

=== Details ===
The molded pulp box is a sustainable choice for tea brands seeking stylish packaging that protects products and minimizes carbon footprint. High-resolution images showcase the box's craftsmanship from different angles.

Additional specs note the material is customizable in shape, size, and color. Molded pulp is fully biodegradable and decomposes quickly without harming the environment.

=== FAQs ===
Frequently asked questions provide useful information on molded pulp packaging uses, raw material sourcing, benefits like lightweight strength, and customization process from design to mass production.

=== Sustainability ===
Graphics demonstrate the compostable nature of molded pulp through timed images showing full decomposition within 45 days without polluting soil. This validates claims of eco-friendliness.

=== Related Products ===
The page suggests other OtaraPack sustainable product options tailored for cosmetics, personal care, supplements and drinkware. All utilize natural, plant-based materials for protective yet plantable packaging solutions.

=== Request a Quote ===
An online quoting form allows potential customers to easily contact OtaraPack for pricing, order minimums and lead times on the molded tea box or other sustainable packaging needs.

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