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What is Path Of Exile Atlas passive tree? The cheapest POE Currency is at poecurrency
Добавил: jacksoner 19 мая 2023 05:46

The most attractive part of Path Of Exile is its complex and rich passive tree, so it is not surprising that GGG added more passive trees. In early 2022, a new Atlas passive tree was launched, which is a very useful passive tree The tree is very hot until now. There are many powerful nodes on the tree, so you only need to upgrade the nodes you need, and you don’t have to worry about the progress curve of Atlas lagging behind other trees. Because of the popularity of Atlas passive tree, it is still There are new nodes and Atlas cornerstones being added to the tree. If you want to know more details about the passive tree, I can tell you.

When you kill Kitava in the tenth act of the Path of Exile campaign to complete the mission, you will enter a new storyline. In the storyline, you will talk to the newly promoted Commander Kirak. After the conversation, you will open a new storyline. Map, this map allows you to start exploring the world map. At this time, if you open Atlas and use the mouse to click on the map, you will see the rewards for exploring the map. Generally, you will kill the boss in a special way, and then you will get rewards. These rewards can be used to upgrade you Atlas passive tree. If you can't kill the BOSS, you can spend POE Currency to buy some weapons, helmets or other POE items.
For most players, these map missions are very simple, you can get a lot of points by completing the missions of these 117 maps, in addition you can also get points from Maven, Uber Elder and Eldritch boss, these There are a total of 128 points, but most players cannot get all 128 points, so I suggest you plan the Atlas passive tree with a budget of 70 to 110 points.
Of course, the premise of all this is that you are strong enough, because you need to kill a lot of bosses. If you can’t kill these bosses, you can spend money to buy POE Currency to strengthen your class. I can recommend a website for you- poecurrency, this is a very professional website that sells a lot of cheap Divine Orb. I hope it can help you.
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