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Get the latest and most complete card drawing guide for the Honkai Star Rail on IGGM
Добавил: jacksoner 19 мая 2023 05:47

So today, in order to help some friends who are new to the pit to successfully pass the novice period of the Honkai Star Railway, let me tell you about my personal humble opinion. Next, let's skip the nonsense and get to the point, and let's have some real dry goods. These strategies are all from IGGM.

First of all, let's talk about Star Iron's card pool. After entering the game, you will see three card pools, namely - limited pool, novice 50 shots 100% to 5-star character pool, and standard pool.

My suggestion here is to draw the novice pool first, then the limited pool/save stone, and then use the [star track pass] given by the event gift/character breakthrough to draw the standard pool. The reason is also very simple. The novice pool can provide you with a 5-star character within 50 rounds. Whether it is a shield or milk, output or support, it will help you push the map quickly and stably in the early stage.

Of course, the premise of all this is that you have enough HSR Accounts. If you want to buy HSR Accounts, I can recommend you a best place to buy Honkai Star Rail Accounts - IGGM, which is a very professional website with very What a cheap HSR Accounts, hope to help you.

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